Hosted Email:

Working with your email system in The Cloud means that you can manage your email, contacts and calendar all via one point and from any location in the world with internet access. It also means that your desktop, laptop, tablet & mobile phone are all synced wherever you go. Many clients enjoy this kind of set-up due to the flexibility and cost-savings it provides.

We’re able to work in a number of formats to suit your preferences.

Google Apps specialist and authorised re-seller

Microsoft Exchange specialist and authorised re-seller

Cloud Drive:

This is your company’s full hard-drive but it’s stored in The Cloud rather than on your computers. Clients love this development in technology as it offers real flexibility to remote workers as well as project teams who need to access the same files from different locations. In addition to the ease-of-use benefits, the Cloud Drive is also 100% secure and ensures that you need never worry about your computer system being out of action or losing data.

Cloud Servers:

This is your computer server as normal but once again based in The Cloud. Would you really want to invest in the cost of purchasing & maintaining your own server when you could easily buy into a provider’s server via the internet?

The benefits of working this latest way are huge and means that all your data is continuously backed-up by constantly upgraded servers that we ensure are maintained for you.

We realise The Cloud may be a new concept to you but please just give us a call and we can recommend the best option for your individual business.