Hosted Email:

Working with your email system in The Cloud means that you can manage your email, contacts and calendar all via one point and from any location in the world with internet access. It also means that your desktop, laptop, tablet & mobile phone are all synced wherever you go. Many clients enjoy this kind of set-up due to the flexibility and cost-savings it provides.

We’re able to work in a number of formats to suit your preferences.

Google Apps specialist and authorised re-seller

Microsoft Exchange specialist and authorised re-seller

Spam Filtering:

Installing a spam filter ensures that your inbox is kept clean from unwanted emails and viruses. We can provide you with a powerful anti-spam and anti-virus protection package which keeps your computers safe and efficient as possible.

Broadband Supply:

Many people know the frustration caused by a slow broadband connection or a connection that’s just not reliable.

We provide the market’s leading broadband supply to give your business the fastest and most reliable internet access that exists. All this with a support package to match makes it a popular choice.

It’s easy to switch over to this supply and we manage all of that process for you. All you notice is a super powerful connection and much higher reliability for running your business.

Website Domain Names:

You can register a domain name with a wide number of online companies these days. The service we provide is to register the domain name for you and take care of all the set-up work associated with this to get your website and email up & running quickly. We also provide advance notification for renewal dates to give you plenty time to consider your plan.

Website Hosting:

Once you have a website domain, you also need to have a supplier (or host) which provides the actual website for you – usually hosted on a 1 or 2 year basis at a time.

We can provide all of this for you and ensure all the links are made quickly from domain to website host. Think of the service as a one-stop shop which means you can focus on the message of your website rather than all the mechanics.

If you’d like a recommendation for a website designer, we can provide this and again, do all the links for you to get your website live fast.