We provide a number of data back-up systems to give you the peace-of-mind that your data is secure – 100% of the time. A quick phone-call will help us identify which service meets your needs best.

Managed off-site back-up:

Do you have 100% confidence that all of your company’s data is backed up securely every day of the year? The service we provide ensures that every piece of data stored electronically on your system, is automatically back-up every night to our UK servers – 100% reliably. This covers everything from files to invoices to customer records so you never need to worry about your data again.

If you ever need to restore files, then we can manage all of that for you and will help you get anything you need.

Unmanaged off-site back-up:

This option also provides a 100% secure and reliable back-up that requires just a little more work from the client to complete. We ask which data you need backed-up and then set all of this up on one of your computers via remote online access. The 1st back-up takes the longest but future back-ups are all much quicker.

On-site back-up:

The prime advantage of using an on-site back-up option is that it provides the quickest way to restore any data to your computers. Software is installed onto your computers and the back-up is done via a plug-in device like a USB stick.

When speed is the key thing, then on-site back-up ensures that you can take very quick action to restore everything to your own computer, or to a completely different computer.

Security Consultancy:

We often provide clients with an audit of their entire IT system to ensure that it’s not only working fast – but also 100% secure. Back-up systems play a big part in this and booking an audit with us will ensure your IT gets a full health-check. We provide a full report on audit completion and then recommend any actions to improve your system.